Peru means land of abundance, and when you travel to the country, you get an even clear picture of this statement. The country is mountainous, and it encompasses a variety of spectacular places to visit. We have the exotic jungle with all its diversity, mysterious rainforests, coastal deserts and the amazing Andean Vistas. Peru is a country of contrast, and those who want to experience this can do so through trekking tours in Peru and Cusco. So if you long for some adventure, Peru is one of the best destinations. And the following are some of the best treks you can experience on your tour.


If you consider yourself adventurous and ready for a challenging trek, the Machu Picchu trek is a must visit in Peru. In this trek, you get to follow ancient trails build by the Inca`s. These trails go through the incredible Andean scenery, and hikers traverse the mountain passes before descending in the amazing Amazon jungle. With Machu Picchu hike, you are guaranteed to have fun as you explore the jungle, build settlements and go through the Inca ruins. Throughout the trek, there is so much to enjoy including the sun and beautiful scenery. Check out to learn more about hiking.


The ausangate rainbow mountains trek is very controlled due to soil erosion and only 500 people per day are allowed on the trail during the peak seasons. So if you miss the Inca trail, you can always try the Salkantay Trek. This trail is also close to the Inca Trail which makes it an attractive alternative. During the Salkantay trail, you get to enjoy the amazing scenery, and you also have a glorious view of the tall Andes. The trail takes you through ancient and remote footpaths passing the savage mountain. Despite its name, the mountain offers a lot of peace and solitude which makes the Salkantay trail a must visit.



Another famous trekking tour in Peru is the Santa Cruz trek. This is considered the best alpine hiking in the entire world because of the gorgeous White Mountains on the trek. This trek is also appropriate for all levels of hikers which means that you can bring all your friends and family. The Santa Cruz hike is also safe and has little restrictions. You also get to interact with the locals as they go by their daily activities. Whether you are the kind of a person who loves to leisurely wander down the trails or push your physical limits, the Peruvian treks are the ultimate adventure for you. Know about the best inca trail tour here!